Kitchen Equipment I Can’t Live Without

Every kitchen is different. Some people, like myself, are working out of an apartment kitchen. Some have tons of counter space filled with gadgets galore- I envy those people. But I'm here to tell you from experience, you don't need a kitchen with a ton of space or tons of gadgets for the everyday. You… Continue reading Kitchen Equipment I Can’t Live Without


Sunken Black Forest Cake

This recipe is one I'd been dying to make ever since I saw it on Smitten Kitchen, so I figured when better to make this than on Valentine's day? Now, I know molten lava cakes are all the rage around Valentine's day, but this simple spin on a traditional classic seemed like the perfect simple… Continue reading Sunken Black Forest Cake


Greek Veggie Salad with Herbs

My lovely friend Caroline introduced me to this salad and I've been hooked ever since. It's healthy, packed full of flavor and just tastes so fresh! It's like Greece...but I've never been to Greece in the summer, or at all for that fact, so I'm just imagining it would be something like that =)… Continue reading Greek Veggie Salad with Herbs


Appetizer Faves- Superbowl Inspiration

I have two recipes I'm working on right now to share with the blog but they're not quite done yet. So, as I was scrambling to think of what my second post would be this week, I realized that superbowl weekend is upon us (holy cow how is it FEBRUARY already?). -I really could care… Continue reading Appetizer Faves- Superbowl Inspiration